Shanghai EXPO – Festival Choir (The Show)

After several magnificent Festival Choir concerts of Interkultur in Shanghai, Malta, Graz and Cincinnati you can join the International Festival Choir project in Guangzhou! Perform highlights of the classic and popular choral-symphonic repertoire with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and the well-known conductor Gábor Hollerung in the unique Guangzhou Opera House! Learn more: source

INTERKULTUR-Events in Zeiten von Corona

Auch die weltweiten Chorwettbewerbe und -festivals von INTERKULTUR bleiben von der COVID-19 Panedemie nicht unberührt. Günter Titsch äußert sich dazu in einem persönlichen Statement an die Chorwelt. source

“The World of Voices”: 2021 Spring Festival Concert – Part 2

On the occasion of the arrival of the New Lunar New Year – the Year of the Ox in 2021 – INTERKULTUR has produced a “The World of Voices” 2021 New Year Celebration Concert for choral music lovers in China and around the world. The New Year’s Concert was planned and produced by INTERKULTUR China […]

30 Years INTERKULTUR: Stellenberg Girls Choir (South Africa)

Stellenberg Girls Choir was awarded the Champions title of the World Choir Games. Here’s their 2014 performance in the “Popular Choral Music” category, conducted by choir master André van der Merwe. Britney Spears, Adele, arr. Leendert Pretorius, ad. André van der Merwe: “Toxic in the Deep” source

“The game of the games” • World of Voices | 30 Years INTERKULTUR • Part 2

The story of INTERKULTUR began more than 30 years ago with a simple idea: “Singing in a choir creates peace through the means of enthusiasm! Offer choral singers an enthralling competition on an international level and their music will build a bridge between their nations that will cross all borders!” (Günter Titsch) How this idea […]

A Choral Spring in ‘Bella Italia’: sing with your choir in Verona, Lucca, Alba or Florence!

The best way to shake off a gloomy winter is by fully embracing the blossoming spring! We give you Bella Italia, in all its glory, through the lens of our Italian Choral Spring – events that are designed to pamper you with days of sunshine, exciting tours, delicious food and great choir performances! Check out […]

there’s one more thing

If you decide to participate in an INTERKULTUR event like the World Choir Games, many questions are coming up, when you’re starting to learn about it: Festival or competition? Open competition or Champions competition? What category? Who are the jurors? What happens at the Award ceremony?… All of this seems to be a little bit […]

Gibraltar Youth Choir – Your Grace is Enough /Our God

Gibraltar Youth Choir performs Matt Maher, arr. John Wasson: Your Grace is Enough / Our God in the “Music of Spirit and Faith” category of the 8th World Choir Games in Riga. source

“Die Magie des Anfangs” • World of Voices | 30 Jahre INTERKULTUR • Teil 1

Die Geschichte von INTERKULTUR begann vor mehr als 30 Jahren mit einer einfachen Idee: “Singen im Chor schafft Frieden durch Begeisterung! Biete Chorsänger:innen einen spannenden Wettbewerb auf internationaler Ebene und ihre Musik wird eine Brücke zwischen den Nationen bauen, die alle Grenzen überwindet!” (Günter Titsch) Wie diese Idee geboren wurde und wohin sie in über […]

5th World Choir Games – The TV-Show

The summary of the ORF TV show from 26th July 2008 presents the most beautiful impressions of a unique choir show. The exhibition hall in Graz transformed for one evening into a stage for an international and colourful choir performance. source

Die Macht der Musik

Musik ist die universelle Sprache der Menscheheit. Sie hat die Kraft, Menschen über alle Grenzen hinweg miteinander zu verbinden. INTERKULTUR-Präsident Günter Titsch spricht über die Erfahrung des gemeinsamen Singens und seine Idee, Menschen aus aller Welt durch die Chormusik zusammenzubringen. source

The World of Voices (2020) – short version

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games unite people. Every two years thousands of singers from all over the world get ready to participate in the largest international choir competition. This jouney round the world gets them closer to the feeling: It’s the taking part that counts! This huge emotional choral event is […]