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World Choir Council: Greetings to Flanders

Since the global breakout of COVID-19 in 2020, INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council have been releasing a series of the international “Revival of the Choral World” Initiative aiming to unite the choral community and overcome this big new challenge. A special show “GREETINGS TO FLANDERS” featured statements from some distinguished conductors of the World […]

“Conductors’ Talk” • World Choir Council • Choral Topics

A conversation between Fred Sjöberg (Sweden), Vice-President of the World Choir Council and INTERKULTUR’s Senior Artistic Director and two members of the World Choir Council, Maria Emma Meligopoulou (representative for Greece) and Steen Lindholm (Denmark). The video project “Choral Topics” of the World Choir Council and Musica Mundi Academy ® continues with a monthly publication […]

“Lost in Translation” • World Choir Council • Choral Topics

Robert Cooper, Artistic Director Orpheus Choir of Toronto and Representative for Canada in the World Choir Council, introduces in the latest video of the World Choir Council Choral Topics a very interesting Virtual Choir Project “Lost in Translation”. He talks with the young composers Kai Leung and Maddox Tarrell about the concept and relevance of […]

Dr. Kari Turunen: Voices From Canada • World Choir Council Video Project

This month, our WCC video project focuses on choral music from Canada. Dr. Kari Turunen, Artistic Director of the Vancouver Chamber Choir and World Choir Council member from Finland, presents a new video series about the diverse world of Canadian choral music and composers. Enjoy Kari’s introduction as well as his selection of interesting and […]

A proactive return to the rehearsal room – World Choir Council Talk

by Rachael Finnerty (Canada), Music Therapy Academy Founder The members of the of the World Choir Council, INTERKULTUR’s highest international advisory body, addressed at the Regional Online Meetings from March 24-26, 2021 the question of how the choral world can return to the rehearsal rooms after this difficult time of crisis from different points of […]

Michael Barrett: The 3 Golden Rules of Warming Up your Choir

Michael Barrett invites us to his home for a voice and body activation Michael Barrett, one of South Africa’s most renowned conductors and member of the World Choir Council, will share tips and exercises to help your choir warm up and be ready to climb on stage and sing their best performance. Finding new ideas […]

Singing together brings nations together: From a virtual space to the rehearsal room

Since spring 2020 INTERKULTUR invites choir singers, conductor and everybody interested regularly to “INTERKULTUR Tea Time”, an informal online meeting for conversations on different topics. Here you can see what happened, when Memli Kelmendi, conductor from Kosovo, learned about music from #Slovenia during #INTERKULTURTeaTime and a few hours later had choir practice with his choir […]