Join the Intl Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition 2025 • Jul 2-6, 2025

Welcome to one of INTERKULTUR’s most popular events! Since 1999 the International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition has been attracting choirs and music ensembles from all over the world. The host city of Wernigerode captivates visitors with its unique charm of medieval architecture and with its musical characteristics: It is home of three renowned German choirs.

The historical town hall and the timber-framed city center give the festival its unique setting. At the same time dedicated locals acting as individual choir assistants add a sense of familiarity to the event.

The competition, named after Johannes Brahms, puts a musical focus on this German composer and the German romantics of the 19th century.

Interested choirs can join several additional events that provide exceptional possibilities for mutual learning and professional development, including Evaluation Performances and Individual Coachings.

As a result of its welcoming ambiance, stunning setting, and diverse international participation, this festival has become renowned as one of INTERKULTUR’s most sought-after events.

Learn more at and join in!


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