Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß • Honorary Artistic President of INTERKULTUR & the World Choir Games

Since 1992 Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß had traveled more than one million kilometers all around the world to be artistically responsible for roughly 150 international choir competitions and festivals all over the world – from China to the United States, from South Africa to Russia. This video is dedicated to honoring is great commitment and […]

Jake Runestad – Nyon Nyon (Bündner Jugendchor @ European Choir Games 2019)

The Bündner Jugendchor from Switzerland performs Jake Runestad’s “Nyon Nyon” competing at the European Choir Games 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden. source

See you at Helsingborgs Körfestival 2020!

A great music festival awaits you at one of the most exciting places in the northern Baltic Sea. Experience Scandinavian and international choral music in one of Sweden’s oldest cities – Helsingborg is waiting for you! More information: source

Salve Regina JavierBusto Calella Spania 2014

Viva synger Salve Regina av Javier Busto i korkonkurranse i Calella, Spania 2014 source

Meet Grupo Vocal Kem B’ix in Calella!

The Grupo Vocal Kem B’ix from Costa Rica will be part of the choir festival “Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional”, which takes place from October 23-27, 2019 in Calella and Barcelona (Spain). Get to know the singers and their special rhythms now, we look forward to seeing them on Calella’s stages soon! More […]

6th Vietnam International Choir Competition, Hoi An 2019

On May 15, the Vietnam International Choir Competition opened in Hoi An. Artistic Director Dang Chau Anh and the adjudicators Joshibiaa de Juan from the Philippines and Johan Rooze from Netherlands performed “Music beats as one” together with hundreds of voices from all over. source

World of Voices (2019, deutsch)

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games verbinden Nationen. Alle zwei Jahre machen sich tausende Sängerinnen und Sänger aus der ganzen Welt bereit, um am größten internationalen Chorwettbewerb der Welt teilzunehmen. Diese Reise um die Welt bringt ihnen das Gefühl näher: Dabeisein ist alles!

World of Voices (2019)

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games unite people. Every two years thousands of singers from all over the world get ready to participate in the largest international choir competition, organized by INTERKULTUR. This jouney round the world gets them closer to the feeling: It’s the taking part that counts!

Coro Voci Bianche Voceincanto – Ave Regina

Coro Voci Bianche Voceincanto from Italy. Category: Childrens Choirs at the 9th Isola del Sole – International Choir Competition and Festival in Grado 2018. source

World Choir Games 2018 – Jacaranda Children’s Choir, South Africa

Qualification Concert at the 10th World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa. source

World Choir Games 2018 – Kruinsing Kinderkoor, South Africa

Qualification Concert at the 10th World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa. source

30 Years INTERKULTUR: Stellenberg Girls Choir (South Africa)

Stellenberg Girls Choir was awarded the Champions title of the World Choir Games. Here’s their 2014 performance in the “Popular Choral Music” category, conducted by choir master André van der Merwe. Britney Spears, Adele, arr. Leendert Pretorius, ad. André van der Merwe: “Toxic in the Deep” source