SING FOR GOLD 2022 – The World Choral Cup

SING FOR GOLD 2022 – The World Choral Cup

GO FOR GOLD AND WIN THE FIRST WORLD CHORAL CUP 10 years of choral music in Calella! We will celebrate this special anniversary with a new event format: SING FOR GOLD and win the WORLD CHORAL CUP in the final round! Choirs from all over the world are invited to compete for medals, a place […]

500 choirs for the World Choir Games 2020

There are more than 500 choirs registered for the World Choir Games 2020 in Flanders. More than 40 of them come from the former WCG host country, South Africa! See here some choirs you will meet in Flanders 2020! source
World of Voices (2019)

World of Voices (2019)

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games unite people. Every two years thousands of singers from all over the world get ready to participate in the largest international choir competition, organized by INTERKULTUR. This jouney round the world gets them closer to the feeling: It’s the taking part that counts!


INTERKULTUR celebrates 30 Years Joy of Singing Who said that choir music was boring? INTERKULTUR events will teach you better! Since 30 years singers and choirs from all over the world come together at our festivals in different cities on different continents and turn these places into hot spots of international choral music. Have you […]

Kobe 2018 – “Furosato” by Javier Busto

The last song of the “Pray from Kobe” concert, “Furosato” by the Spanish composer Javier Busto, was the main song of the event in Kobe 2018 and sung by all participants together. Fred Sjöberg, the General Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR and the Artistic Director of Sing`n`Pray Kobe, who also acted as one of the international […]
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