30 Years INTERKULTUR: Choir Medley II

There are more than 9100 choirs and 394 000 participants that were part of our choir competitions and festivals in the last 30 years. We continue to present excellent performances within the next weeks. Here’s a preview of what’s to come including Stellenberg Meisiekoor (South Africa) Nizhny Novgorod State University Choir (Russia) Fontys Jazz Choir […]

Kobe 2018 – “Furosato” by Javier Busto

The last song of the “Pray from Kobe” concert, “Furosato” by the Spanish composer Javier Busto, was the main song of the event in Kobe 2018 and sung by all participants together. Fred Sjöberg, the General Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR and the Artistic Director of Sing`n`Pray Kobe, who also acted as one of the international […]

‘The USM Update’: Joyous Sounds for a Festive Season

In the final segment of the December 2017 episode of “The USM Update,” USM President Glenn Cummings extends his greetings to the USM community as we transition into the final week of the fall 2017 semester, wishing all a happy and safe holiday season. Closing the show, we hear from the USM School of Music […]
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