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The World Choir Council is the highest international advisory panel of INTERKULTUR. The members are highly respected leaders of the global choral scene, that represent their country and region in this circle. In total, more than 90 nations and regions are already represented in the Council by more than 120 members. The representatives meet regularly, report on the choral scene in their respective country and discuss jointly urgent matters and current topics in the choral world.

Within the World Choir Council Video Project, a special educational video series under the umbrella of the Musica Mundi Academy, Council members have the opportunity to share their expertise and to highlight topics that are important to them and of relevance to the entire choral world. Current research results in choral art, the latest techniques and educational methods are the focus of this project, which is being implemented by members for members and also for all interested. A new video is published every month and members have the opportunity to present their topics and skills to their colleagues and the global choral world.

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