World On Our Shoulders – Siparantum Choir – #Resolution2020

We’re singing the Resolution Song with communities around the world. Together we’re calling for urgent action on the climate crisis. Stand with us and make a resolution for the planet. #Resolution2020 Together we can make a difference. #Kosovo

Resolution is a global climate action project in collaboration with Decca/Universal Music and WWF. It will see millions of people across the world make their New Year’s Resolution on climate action, as well as mass participation events across the world. Resolutions made across the world by individuals, communities, corporates, politicians will culminate in a new UN resolution. A new song has been composed at Universal Music by Robin Howl, Violet Skies and Holly Fletcher – which is at the heart of Resolution.

Music: Robin Howl, Violet Skies, Holly Fletcher
Videography: Video Art Gjilan, Ilir Ahmeti
Arranged and Conducted by Memli Kelmendi
Solists: Dua Basha, Klea Dina, Enisa Mujaj, Mevlud Rrahimaj, Matej Karaqi, Zana Berisha, Fatmir Bajraktari, Rizah Jahaj, Erjona Rama.
Recorded and Mastered at PreDuo Production Prishtinë

Thanks to:
Shoqata e Alpinistëve Marimangat e Pejës, Nol Krasniqi, Viryt Gacaferi, PreDuo Production, Besian Krasniqi, Ilir Ahmeti.

#Resolution2020 #VoiceForThePlanet

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