Choral Singing in times of Coronavirus

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch is sharing his thoughts about choral singing in times of COVID-19. source

INTERKULTUR-Events in Zeiten von Corona

Auch die weltweiten Chorwettbewerbe und -festivals von INTERKULTUR bleiben von der COVID-19 Panedemie nicht unberührt. Günter Titsch äußert sich dazu in einem persönlichen Statement an die Chorwelt. source

Stay with me – Örebro Chamber Choir & South China Normal University Choir

China and many countries around the world are facing a difficult situation at the moment. The COVID-19 is increasingly spreading, with more and more people being infected in different countries every day. With that in mind INTERKULTUR has brought together two choirs virtually for a special activity to send out an important message to all […]

ALBA (Scotland) @ Host City 2019

The Scottish choir ALBA performed as World Choir Games ambassador during the Host City conference in Glasgow on Nov 25, 2019. source

Sing Along Concert 2019 – Lacrimosa (from: “Requiem” by W. A. Mozart)

Performed on November 17 by 500 singers and musicians at the “Singers in Residence” Sing Along Concert 2019 in the Vienna Konzerthaus. In remembrance of Guntars Gedulis, member of the World Choir Council, who passed away on Sunday, Nov 17. source

Trailer – Deutsche Chormeisterschaft Koblenz 2020

DAS IST DER GIPFEL! Alles über die erste Deutsche Chormeisterschaft 2020 in Koblenz findet Ihr unter #chormeisterschaft #koblenz2020 #dasistdergipfel source

See you at Helsingborgs Körfestival 2020!

A great music festival awaits you at one of the most exciting places in the northern Baltic Sea. Experience Scandinavian and international choral music in one of Sweden’s oldest cities – Helsingborg is waiting for you! More information: source

Welt der Stimmen 2019 (Kurzversion)

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games verbinden Nationen. Alle zwei Jahre machen sich tausende Sängerinnen und Sänger aus der ganzen Welt bereit, um am größten internationalen Chorwettbewerb der Welt teilzunehmen. Diese Reise um die Welt bringt ihnen das Gefühl näher: Dabeisein ist alles! source

World of Voices 2019 (short version)

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games unite people. Every two years thousands of singers from all over the world get ready to participate in the largest international choir competition, organized by INTERKULTUR. This jouney round the world gets them closer to the feeling: It’s the taking part that counts! source

Gibraltar Youth Choir – Your Grace is Enough /Our God

Gibraltar Youth Choir performs Matt Maher, arr. John Wasson: Your Grace is Enough / Our God in the “Music of Spirit and Faith” category of the 8th World Choir Games in Riga. source



The creativity of choirs worldwide in dealing with the contact bans due to the current Corona pandemic currently has no limits: New technologies are being explored, new ideas for online rehearsals are implemented and even innovative online concerts have already taken place.


INTERKULTUR wants to encourage this new choral creativity, give singers a worldwide platform to perform and present their skills:


The INTERKULTUR Video Award is INTERKULTUR’s first online choir competition and call amateur choirs from all over the world to participate.


Until June 30, 2020 choirs can hand in a yet unpublished virtual choir video with a song of their choice, which will be presented on the new platform INTERKULTUR.TV from July 1 onwards.


The Award will be given in the categories “Choirs a cappella” and “Choirs with accompaniment” and the winners will be published on July 15, 2020. An additional Special Prize will be awarded for the best interpretation of the INTERKULTUR motto “Singing together brings nations together.“


Guidelines and more information about the INTERKULTUR Video Award are available here: