Landrätin Anita Schneider: Grußbotschaft an Chöre im Gießener Landkreis

„Chöre sind aus dem Gießener Land nicht mehr wegzudenken!“ Im September 2021 besuchte Landrätin Anita Schneider das Organisationsbüro von INTERKULTUR in Fernwald. Sie zeigte sich interessiert an der aktuellen Situation der Chöre sowohl weltweis als auch speziell in der hessischen Heimat sehr interessiert und sagte diesen ihre Unterstützung zu. Mit einer Videobotschaft wendet sie sich […]

Coral da UnB – Isto aqui o que é – Ari Barroso

Coral da UnB – 40 anos 2021 Produzido em quarentena durante a pandemia de Covid-19 Obra: Isto aqui o que é Música: Ari Barroso Arranjo: Eduardo D. Carvalho Adaptação para Piano: Cristina Carvalho Bateria: Acadêmicos da Asa Norte Piano: Marília de Alexandria Regência: Maestro Éder Camúzis

Drakensberg Boys’ Choir (South Africa) • World Choir Games 2018 • Feel It Still

For the first time in its more than 50 years of existence the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir participated in the World Choir Games in 2018. These Games were hosted on the African continent for the first time: a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many choristers all over Africa! Drakensberg Boys’ Choir competed in one of the most spectacular […]

“Conductors’ Talk” • World Choir Council • Choral Topics

A conversation between Fred Sjöberg (Sweden), Vice-President of the World Choir Council and INTERKULTUR’s Senior Artistic Director and two members of the World Choir Council, Maria Emma Meligopoulou (representative for Greece) and Steen Lindholm (Denmark). The video project “Choral Topics” of the World Choir Council and Musica Mundi Academy ® continues with a monthly publication […]

Mikis Theodorakis: national folk hero, freedom fighter and supporter of the Choir Olympic Movement

INTERKULTUR mourns the passing of its Honorary Artistic President, and one of the most important contemporary artists, the renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. ************************************** INTERKULTUR trauert um seinen Künstlerischen Ehrenpräsidenten, und einen der bedeutendsten Künstler der Gegenwart, den bekannten griechischen Komponisten Mikis Theodorakis. #interkulturevents #singingtogetherbringsnationstogether #mikistheodorakis source

World Choir Council – Review of Projects in 2021

A review of all projects of the World Choir Council in the first half of 2021. The World Choir Council is not only a well-known and very important part of the choral world, but also a very important member of the INTERKULTUR family. It is the highest and voluntary international advisory body of INTERKULTUR and […]

INTERKULTUR honors Prof. Yang Hongnian – “A Tribute to an Extraordinary Man”

Prof. Yang Hongnian was a Chinese conductor, choral educator, composer and Honorary Artistic President of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council (WCC). He was a leading figure in the Chinese choral community and was among the world’s most celebrated choral conductors and educators: a dedicated ambassador for choral music, in which he believed lay the […]

“Lost in Translation” • World Choir Council • Choral Topics

Robert Cooper, Artistic Director Orpheus Choir of Toronto and Representative for Canada in the World Choir Council, introduces in the latest video of the World Choir Council Choral Topics a very interesting Virtual Choir Project “Lost in Translation”. He talks with the young composers Kai Leung and Maddox Tarrell about the concept and relevance of […]

INTERKULTUR Philippines announces new cooperation with MUZIKSEA

Promoting choral music and singers throughout Southeast Asia is their common goal: With this aim in mind, the INTERKULTUR Center for Culture & Tourism Development Philippines and the fledgling sheet music publisher MUZIKSEA from Singapore have agreed on a choral cooperation. Read more at #INTERKULTUREvents #MUZIKSEA #INTERKULTURPhilippines source

World Choir Games 2022 · Video Invitation · sung by Harmonize Show Choir

365 days to go for the#WorldChoirGames2022! The city of Gangneung in South Korea is looking forward to welcome international choirs from all over the world on its beautiful stages! The vibrant Korean choral scene and the stunning setting of the East Sea and the Taebaek mountains will create magic and memorable moments for a lifetime. […]

A Choral Journey: Choirs from Indonesia and sounds with a temperament

The tropical island nation of Indonesia not only enchants us with magnificent swimming facilities but also with a breathtaking diversity of culture. In this multi-ethnic state music means more than expressing the joy of life. Singing and making music are important elements to underline the feeling of belonging together. The colorful #WorldChoirGames offer a fantastic […]

SING FOR GOLD 2022 – The World Choral Cup

GO FOR GOLD AND WIN THE FIRST WORLD CHORAL CUP May 14 – 22, 2022 Calella & Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) 10 years of choral music in Calella! We will celebrate this special anniversary with a new event format: SING FOR GOLD and win the WORLD CHORAL CUP in the final round! Choirs from all over […]