The Power of Music

Music has the power to unite people as a universal language, to connect them beyond all borders. INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch speaks about the experience of singing together and his idea to connect people from all over the world through choral music. source

Die Welt der Stimmen 2020

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER Die World Choir Games bringen Menschen zusammen. Alle zwei Jahre bereiten sich Tausende Sängerinnen und Sänger aus zahlreichen Nationen auf die Teilnahme am weltweit größten internationalen Chorwettbewerb vor. Die Reise um die Welt bringt ihnen das Gefühl näher: Es ist die Teilnahme, die zählt! Organisiert wird dieses emotionale Chorereignis von […]

The World of Voices (2020)

SINGING TOGETHER BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The World Choir Games unite people. Every two years thousands of singers from all over the world get ready to participate in the largest international choir competition. This jouney round the world gets them closer to the feeling: It’s the taking part that counts! This huge emotional choral event is […]

World Choir Games: Success, Emotions and further highlights

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch about emotions, success and other highlights at the World Choir Games, the largest international choir competition in the world. source

Phoenix Voices of Youth (Australia)

INTERKULTUR Video Award 2020: Choir: Phoenix Voices of Youth (Australia) Title: Choristers of Phoenix Voices of Youth, arr. Sara Nguyen (Assistant director of Phoenix Voices of Youth) – “Our Voices” 128 videos from 44 nations were submitted to compete in INTERKULTUR’s first-ever online choir competition – the INTERKULTUR Video Award. Our playlist contains all submissions […]

Born This Way Virtual Chorus

Being separated is hard. We miss our friends, we miss our fans, and we miss our music. While it’s difficult to navigate these uncharted waters, The Rich-Tone Chorus is grateful for creative ways to remain connected – to each other, and to all of you. A special thanks to our friend Craig Needham for his […]

May we introduce: The INTERKULTUR Team

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch talks about the work of his team behind the scenes of international choir competitions and festivals. source

Tatehe Doi Maena

Tatehe Doi Maena is Nias Folklore. This song is about traditional dance with poetry and usually played in various Nias traditional event.

Virtual Choir Games 2020 – Closing Show

The emotional Closing Show of the Virtual Choir Games 2020, which will also include the Awarding of the Winners of the INTERKULTUR Video Award 2020.

Virtual Choir Games: Choir Music and Social Inclusion

The 11th World Choir Games 2021 in Flanders are supposed to become the most inclusive Games ever. Time to introduce some very special choirs that have already made their way to the World Choir Games against all odds in order to participate in the world’s largest international choir competition: Paros Chamber Choir, Armenia Tijanjin Little […]

Virtual Choir Games: Discover the Folklore categories

The Folklore Category is one of the most popular competition categories at all #WorldChoirGames! Whereelse can you see traditional choral music and costumes from so many different countries on one stage? Our Virtual Choir Games present some excerpts from memorable performances from all over the world today. Tune in and enjoy! source