How to start a school choir? The story of Vinschool One Choir by Chau Anh Dang (Vietnam)

Chau Anh Dang, Artistic Director, Art Mentor of the Vinschool Education System and Representative for Vietnam in the World Choir Council, talks about the founding and history of the Vinschool One Choir in the latest video of the World Choir Council Choral Topics series. Learn how she managed to do the necessary convincing to found […]

Deutsche Chormeisterschaft – Offene Bühne • Koblenz 2021 • Einladung von OB David Langer

Die Deutsche Chormeisterschaft – Offene Bühne wird für Chöre aus ganz Deutschland eine der ersten Gelegenheiten, 2021 wieder vor Publikum zu singen. Der Koblenzer Oberbürgermeister David Langner lädt herzlich dazu ein! Unser Dank geht auch an den Jazzchor Freiburg für die tolle Musik zu diesem Videogruß! #DeutscheChormeisterschaft #Koblenz2021 #dabeiseinistalles source

Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon invites you to join the World Choir Games 2021!

Jan Jambon, Minister-President of Flanders is inviting choirs from all over the world to join the 11th World Choir Games 2021 this autumn. Watch his motivating message here! #WorldChoirGames #WorldChoirGames2021 #interkulturevents #wcg2021flanders #Flanders2021 source

Flemish choirs can’t wait to welcome you to their home!

The 11th World Choir Games 2021 will take place from October 30 – November 7, 2021 in Flanders, Belgium. Choirs from this region can’t wait to finally welcome their international guests and send a personal greeting to the choral world. More information: source

Dr. Kari Turunen: Voices From Canada • World Choir Council Video Project

This month, our WCC video project focuses on choral music from Canada. Dr. Kari Turunen, Artistic Director of the Vancouver Chamber Choir and World Choir Council member from Finland, presents a new video series about the diverse world of Canadian choral music and composers. Enjoy Kari’s introduction as well as his selection of interesting and […]

Goodall: Eternal Light / deCHORALE @ QEH Antwerp 2018

Performance by Performed on 11 november 2018 in Queen Elisabeth Hall Antwerp by – choir: deCHORALE – orchestra: La Passione – soloists: Liesbeth Devos, Thomas Blondelle, Charles Dekeyser, Jan Wouters – conductor: Paul Dinneweth. Info


Opname van het najaarsconcert van deCHORALE in deSingel Antwerpen 2011

Come to the World Choir Games 2021!

The international choral world will celebrate the 11th edition of the world’s largest international choir competition in fall 2021 – with the health, wellbeing and safety of all participants and visitors as a top-priority! Friends and officials from Flanders and INTERKULTUR invite you warmly to join this event and get back on an international stage […]

See you at the World Choir Games 2022 in Gangneung (Republic of Korea)!

The World Choir Games – the Olympics of Choral Music – are waiting for you from July 4-14, 2022 in beautiful Gangneung, Republic of Korea. Register your choir until May 5 and get some great discounts and benefits. Learn more at! source

Ana Laura Rey: The importance of Gregorian Chant in the education of a choir conductor

Ana Laura Rey, conductor and World Choir Council member from Uruguay, will introduce you to the world of the Gregorian Chant and why it is important for a choir conductor to know it. In her video tutorial, she will focus on its importance in learning the art of phrasing and its way of conducting. The […]

A choral journey to Russia

Choirs from Russia have a very special sound – a deep expression of the Russian soul. In recent years Russian choirs were highly successful at events like the World Choir Games, the largest international choir competition in the world. What is their secret? This video tries to give some answers.