Barnsley Youth Choir | European Choir Games 2015 Award Ceremony: REACTIONS

These are the reactions during the Award Ceremony at Festung Mark, Magdeburg, Germany for category C8, C9, GP5.
I hope you enjoy the compilation and mashup of different faces reacting to the announcements!


Barnsley Youth Choir, a community choir in the heart of Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK, traveled to Magdeburg in Germany to compete in the 2015 European Choir Games & Grand Prix Of Nations.

Originally only signed up to compete in Champions Category C8 (Jazz & Pop) and Category C9 (Gospel & Spiritual), after competing and receiving over 85 points in both, we were asked to compete in the Grand Prix of Nations, Category GP5 (Jazz, Pop, Gospel & Spiritual)

This was our first time competing in Champions and Grand Prix competitions, and it was competing with the very best choirs in the world.

We received (out of 100 points):
90.50 in Jazz and Pop, winning 1st place, Gold Medal
92.00 in Gospel and Spiritual, winning 1st place, Gold Medal
and 96.50 in Grand Prix Jazz, Pop, Gospel, Spiritual, winning 1st place, Gold Medal.

96.50 was the highest points given in the entire competition, leading by just 0.30 points in front of the USA (who were and sounded absolutely incredible by the way)

We congratulate all who competed, won and took part in ECG2015 and hope to see our friends and choirs soon next year!

I hope you enjoy our compilation of reactions during the Award Ceremony, where we accidentally hijacked the stage 3 times, singing our national anthem 3 times, and receiving 1st place prizes.. 3 times.
Well done to all choirs at all the award ceremonies, because they were truly amazing.

There was some beautiful talent at this years ECG.


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