Corala Mitropolit Dosoftei – Osteanul Roman (European Choir Games 2015)

Song from the “Friendship Concert”, July 9, 2015, Magdeburg.
Winner of the Golden diploma, The “Mitropolit Dosoftei” Choir of the Orthodox Theological high school from Suceava, Romania, participated at the European Choir Games in Magdeburg, Germany (July 5 to 12, 2015)
Conductor: Lucian Tablan Popescu

Melodie din cadrul “Friendship Concert”, 9 iulie 2015, Magdeburg.
Castigatoare a diplomei de Aur, Corala Mitropolit Dosoftei a liceului teologic ortodox din Suceava a concurat la European Choir Games in Magdeburg, Germania (5-12 iulie 2015)
Dirijor: Lucian Tablan-Popescu


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