World Choir games 2014. Riga. Crescendo Arte Children’s Choir, Colombia (15.07.2014 no 14.00)

Crescendo Arte Children’s Choir (Colombia)

Pasaules koru olimpiades draudzibas koncerti. Vērmanes Garden, Riga 15.07.2014 no 14.00

Friendship Concert – Vērmanes Garden
Free admission

Mixed Choir Monēta of BA School of Business and Finance (Latvija), conductor Ilze Feldmane
TEDA Children’s Art Troupe (Ķīna), conductor Yong Zhu
Choir Detstvo (Krievija), conductor Tatiana Bederina
The Rychenbirds (Šveice), conductor Jürg Rüthi

The 8th World Choir Games — the world’s largest choir competition — will bring the international flair of the Choir Olympic idea to one of the most traditional singer regions world-wide in the summer of 2014 .
The World Choir Games, also known as “the Olympics for Choirs”, therefore look forward to a further superb highlight in Riga in 2014. Based on the great national tradition an incredible international choir festival will be organized.

As always the possibilities of participation will be manifold:

The competition offers many possibilities of participation in more than 29 different categories to amateur choirs of any genre or line-up.
The Champions Competitions for internationally experienced choirs.
The Open Competitions for all choirs in the spirit of the Olympic ideal: “Participation is the highest honor”.
Various performing and evaluation possibilities with internationally renowned choral music experts.
Joint concerts with choirs from all over the world in numerous Friendship Concerts
Celebration Concerts for international top choirs.
Official major events like Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
In particular, the unforgettable Award Ceremonies the World Choir Games are known for will provide unbelievable and emotional moments to all participants.

Let’s sing and celebrate in Riga, Latvia — The European Capital of Culture in 2014 and the World Capital of Choral singing!
00177 Pavasara koncerts „Nekur nav tik labi kā mājās”
28.03.2015. plkst. 18.00 VEF Kultūras pilī, Ropažu ielā 2

Sestdien, 28. martā Tautas deju ansamblis „Rotaļa” un Vidējās paaudzes deju kolektīvi “Mana Rotaļa”, “Rotaļa XO” un “Daugava” Vidējās paaudzes deju kolektīvi “Mana Rotaļa” visus dejas cienītājus aicina uz Pavasara koncertu VEF Kultūras pilī “Nekur nav tik labi kā mājās”.
Deju cienītājiem piedāvāsim baudīt dejas no latviešu zelta fonda, kā arī pēdējos gados tapušās horeogrāfijas, ko iecienījuši gan paši dejotāj, gan skatītāji.
Šis pavasara koncerts VEF Kultūras pils dejotājiem ir pavisam īpašs, jo viņi zina, ka “nekur nav tik labi, kā mājās”


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