INTERKULTUR honors Prof. Yang Hongnian – “A Tribute to an Extraordinary Man”

Prof. Yang Hongnian was a Chinese conductor, choral educator, composer and Honorary Artistic President of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council (WCC). He was a leading figure in the Chinese choral community and was among the world’s most celebrated choral conductors and educators: a dedicated ambassador for choral music, in which he believed lay the key to connecting people to each other and to peaceful coexistence. One year ago, this extraordinary man passed away.
In honor of Prof. Yang Hongnian, in deepest gratitude and remembrance of his person, his philosophy and his work, INTERKULTUR honors the life achievements of this outstanding artist and exemplary human being with the film “A Tribute to an Extraordinary Man”.
“Prof. Yang Hongnian’s philosophy and conviction that especially young people should go out into the world to meet other people and thus broaden their horizons was the key for him to bring people together,” said Günter Titsch, President of INTERKULTUR and the WCC, “and if you bring these people together with the help of choral music, you are at the same time doing something for peace in the world through this instrument. Dear Prof. Yang Hongnian, we will never forget you!”

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