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Robert Cooper, Artistic Director Orpheus Choir of Toronto and Representative for Canada in the World Choir Council, introduces in the latest video of the World Choir Council Choral Topics a very interesting Virtual Choir Project “Lost in Translation”. He talks with the young composers Kai Leung and Maddox Tarrell about the concept and relevance of this project, that touches on themes that are particularly relevant during this time of social isolation and digital communication.

“Lost in Translation” is a work for choir or virtual choir, choral samples, and electronics, written during the COVID-19 pandemic for the Orpheus Choir of Toronto. The piece is based on the concept of the game “Broken telephone” wherein the message that is passed along gradually changes and morphs into something completely different than when it started. The piece addresses society’s obsession with devices and social media, and the sad fact that even with so much sharing and digital connection in the world, we rarely listen to others enough to understand them.

The video project “Choral Topics” of the World Choir Council and Musica Mundi Academy ® continues with a monthly publication where you will find tips, debates and interviews, new repertoire and focus on specific areas of choral music.

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